Wednesday, 29 October 2014

To Understand this Thing Called Dying.

  I have to write something because it is eating away at me and I must put my observation out there.

  I imagine everyone is now familiar with the death of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo. Many watched as I did the funeral for him on television this Tuesday. Many of those assembled were troubled by what had come to pass. I am troubled by what is to come.

  What stuck with me and troubled me the most was his young son, age five. I imagine others share these feelings with me.

  Aged five. A young age. An age at which death is very hard to understand. In fact the finality of death is all but incomprehensible for him.

  I was aged five when I lost a great friend. He was struck by a car just before Mothers Day.
Each day after that my friend did not return and I missed him. He has left and he can't come back. Why? Why not?
After a year I came to understand death.This thing called dying, I did not like it one bit.

  When you are young it is easier to accept things and move on because you don't fully understand. You live in the present. The past and future is comprised of yesterday and tomorrow. How can a child envision that there will be many years to come when they have only been here a few.

   People will always remember the soldier Nathan Cirillo. It is an historic and catastrophic event. A day that both a young boy and a Nation lost they're innocence.
The boy will be forever reminded during his lifetime of that day. There will be no escaping it.

  Innocence will be lost for Nathan's young boy as one day passes to the next. I hope it doesn't ruin his life. I hope he will be accepting. I hope others will help him accept.

  My hope is that he be strong enough to live with it. Let that be the real hope for this Tuesday and every day to come.

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